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Flying Bird Botanicals

Golden Coconut Chai

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A delicious organic matcha blends begin with premium ground Tencha tea leaves. True to Flying Bird's unyielding commitment to source the highest quality herbs and ingredients they've added the finest botanicals to create this delicious and nourishing matcha blend. Silky coconut, turmeric and chai spices combine with Ashwagandha root in our Golden Coconut Chai to create and delectable cup while promoting whole body wellness with each sip. This may be one of our favorites from Flying Bird but who has favorites?

Each large tin contains 60 grams for approximately 60 servings. Each XL tin holds 8 ounces for approximately 226 servings.


A blend of powdered Organic Tencha cultivars from the mountains and valleys of Japan, Organic Coconut Milk powder, Organic Turmeric, Organic Spices, Organic Orange Peel powder, Organic Ashwagandha root powder.