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Statik 360 Universal Charge Cable 6ft

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Statik 360 is the only charge cable you will ever need!

The Statik 360 is a universal charge cable that includes 3 rotating magnetic heads to charge all your devices including all smartphones, tablets, and more. Plus, the unique 360 degree rotating head stays out of the way and protects your phone's power port from damage caused by dust, accidental pulls, yanks, and trips. The Statik 360 cable is made with a durable nylon braid and a thick moisture barrier making this cord nearly unbreakable so you can play games, watch movies, or stream shows and keep charging.

Includes 3 Magnetic Connectors
Universal magnetic tips allow you to charge all your devices with one cable.

Hyperfast Charging
Quick charge your phone and other devices.

Protects Your Expensive Phone
Rotates 360 degrees. Stays out of the way. A durable nylon braid and innovative dust plug saves your phone from potential damage.

Play While Charging
Play games, watch a movie, stream shows, and keep charging.

Ultra Strong Magnets. Nearly Unbreakable Design
Military technology protects your phone from electric damage.

Works With Everything
Car chargers, wall outlets, computers, and more. Safe for kids and their toys. Get one for all your devices!