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The Designer Says

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The Designer Says is a compendium of quotations from more than one hundred of history's leading practitioners. Paired on page spreads like guests at a dinner party, a designer from the nineteenth century might sit next to one working today or two contemporary designers may strike up a conversation. This portable collection makes the perfect gift for designers, students, and anyone curious about the ideas and personalities that have shaped the art of visual communication.
Sara Bader is an editor, writer, and researcher. She is the author of Strange Red Cow: and Other Curious Classified Ads from the Past, a look at U.S. history though classified advertisements printed over the last three hundred years. Strange Red Cow was featured in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune, among other newspapers and magazines. Bader is the founder and editor of the website, a growing library of verified quotations. The online archive is a practical resource for journalists, authors, speechwriters, playwrights, etc. She edits and acquires visual culture books for Princeton Architectural Press.
"A charming compendium of more than one hundred beautifully typeset remarks by some of today's and yesteryear's most celebrated graphic design minds." - Brain Pickings
"Each spread pits two designers against each other on a given theme, creating a mock dialogue in the process. As they debate the utility of the grid system, the problem with money and the importance of authenticity, their wisdom comes across in gorgeous type and succinct humor. Published by Princeton Architectural Press and compiled by Sara Bader of Quotenik, the pocket companion makes for an inspirational reference with words from the likes of Saul Bass, Stephen Doyle, Milton Glaser, Chip Kidd and Paula Scher." - Cool Hunting
"Handsomely bound and stylishly typeset The Designer Says is packed to the rafters with the wit and wisdom of luminaries from design disciplines.... Just buy yourself a copy -- or surprise the creative you treasure most." - Ace Jet 170
"Inspiring witticisms, quips, and pearls of wisdom of some of the world's best graphic designers." - FastCoDesign
"If you're in a rut, questioning your life choices, or just want an engaging read, crack open The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom (Princeton Architectural Press) for 'salient advice, opinions, and wisdom' from more than 100 contemporary and historic designers. This compendium consists of attractive spreads that pair two designers' quotes side by side to create 'mini-conversations' that will encourage you on one page and make you snicker at the candor on the next." -- Print magazine
"When a flash of inspiration is needed quickly, sometimes all it takes are a few well thought out words to light the fuse. This handy little book collects quotations from over 100 notable designers who over the years have shared helpful, irreverent, and debatable tidbits that might help any creative get a new perspective on a project. Saul Bass, Irma Boom, Chip Kidd, Ellen Lupton, Herman Zapf-the all-star list of designers whose words are typeset on these pages is impressive, covering the spectrum of visual communication." - Imprint